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Art - Peter the Great Mouse Detective (minus some Peter)

Okay, so apparently I'm never going to find the time to finish this, so I figure I'll just post what I've done so far, and perhaps sometime in the future be ready to post the rest.

I chose Basil the Great Mouse Detective.

Drawings in pencil and common black biro, then scanned and coloured in GIMP. Any and all shading is completely accidental, I struggle with colouring enough, without actually having to try and make it look good.

I chose Basil the Great Mouse Detective, not only because I love the film, but because it seemed to make a great and perfect amount of sense in my head.
In BtGMD, a young mouse called Olivia tracks down Basil to ask him to help find her father who has been mouseknapped by Basil's arch-nemesis, Dr Rattigan, in order to further his evil plans of taking over all of Mousedom. With the help of his new-found assisstant and best friend Dr Dawson, Sherlock Holmes' (he lives in the house Basil lives under) young basset hound puppy Toby and little Olivia herself, Basil tracks down Rattigan's henchman Fidget, a bat with a peg-leg and a crooked wing and follows him to Rattigan's lair. Eventually there is a big hoohah, involving Rattigan trying to kill the Queen by feeding her to his pet cat and executioner, Felicia, but Toby chases her off, and Basil fights Rattigan and wins and stuff, and Olivia's father is reunited with her and blah blah blah.

Anyways, if you can't see why this was so perfect yet, no worries.

There was once a young mouse called Willivia, who had a very happy life. This was changed when the Ev0l Ry(rattig)an kidnapped a vital part of Will's happiness in the form of one Jon Walker, in an attempt to take over the world, one song at a time. Ry(rattig)an, an ev0l mastermind known to set his beloved kitty, Spencia, on any whom challenge him, had accomplished this feat, surprisingly enough, with the help of his rather fidgety henchman, Brendon. Will tracked down Pete, and his assisstant and best friend Dr Patson, to right this incredible wrong. Pete manged to track down Ry(rattig)an's henchman, Brendon (thanks to Andrew "Sherlock" Hurley's faithful hound, Joe) and followed him to Ry(rattig)an, but as it turned out Pete rather liked Ry(rattig)an's efforts at world domination, so told Ry(rattig)an to keep Jon.
And they all lived happily ever after, except Willivia.

Be warned it did pretty much turn into "how alike can I make the original characters to the bandom guys?"


Dr Patson:
Dr Patson 1

Dr Patson 2


Willivia's one of my favourites, though I'm hoping Brendon turns out well too. Dr Patson is up there too. I had far too much fun with his clothes, I feel. Oh, the layers.
The rest are all pencil drawn at least, just some outlining, scanning and colouring to go.

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