September 4th, 2007

An Emergency of the Heart, by Bexless

Title: An Emergency of the Heart
Pairing: Frank/Gerard
Rating: PG-13 for language.
Length: 13K plus.
Notes: I chose Cinderella for my movie. This story is set before My Chemical Romance formed, say 2000.

Thanks to birdsflying, wax_jism and misspamela for read-throughs, thoughts, and laughing in all the right places. All the real credit for this story goes to cimness, who did everything from reading the first, really shitty draft, to getting me a copy of the movie (*coughwhichI'dneverseencough*) and then she cheerled every single word like a star. This story is 100% her property.

An Emergency of the Heart.
Brendon and Spencer are IN LOVE

Fic: The Thoughts of Youth Are Long, Long Thoughts

Title: The Thoughts of Youth Are Long, Long Thoughts (a boy’s will is the wind’s will)
Author: skoosiepants
Pairing: Brendon/Spencer pre-slash
Rating: G
Word count: 2,700+
Prompt: Winnie the Pooh
Summary: He hugs Spencer tight, tighter, tightest, and says, “I like you best.”
A/N: Mainly, this is based on the short …And Tigger, Too, because Brendon seriously makes the best Tigger ever. I think you can pretty much guess who everyone else is. Mammoth thanks to castoffstarter for the awesome beta-job and insisting that I keep the Hundred Acre Wood. Title comes from Longfellow’s My Lost Youth.

The thing about being imaginary, Brendon thinks, is that he doesn’t feel imaginary. He feels bouncy.
spn- while the leather runs smooth

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Title: Without A Change (We're Going Fast)
Rating: PG-13/R
Pairing(s): Nick/Tyson, William/Gabe, Chris/Darren and any others you might care to see.
Notes: Totally disclaimed. Didn't happen. Written for the band_princesses challenge. I chose Snow White for my prompt and then everyone from bandom decided to be in it. Endless thanks to fizzyblogic for constant support and a speedy beta ♥ Part two linked at the bottom.

Without A Change (We're Going Fast)
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Taking a peek [Trohmania]

title: Frankie in Wonderland or Several Reasons Why You Should Never Follow Patrick Stump

title: Frankie in Wonderland or Several Reasons Why You Should Never Follow Patrick Stump
author: o4fuxache
assignment: Alice in Wonderland
pairings: Frank/Pete, Frank/Joe, Jon/Spencer/(Frank watching), Gabe/Gabe, Brendon/Ryan/Frank, Bob/Frank
rating: nc-17
summary: Frank goes on a life-changing, eye-opening, pants-dropping journey.
disclaimer: I disclaim.

a/n: One day I’m going to write 20 pages of nothing but Andy getting it any way he wants to make up for the total sexual injustice I continue to do to him. However this is not that day. Written for band_princesses. Thank you likealocket for your support, your beta work and for the delivery of cajones to actually post my baby this fic. 14,509 words.

Frank loves being on the Projekt Revolution tour.

Title: Faith is Like A Bluebird...

Title: Faith is Like A Bluebird...
Pairing: Squinting induces Pete/Patrick
Rating: PG
Length: 12,214 words 84.7KB according to word.
Notes: For the band_princesses challenge. A bandom retelling of The Rescuers. Gratuitous use of well known facts, and clichés.

If it was not for espoirliberte then this would not be 1) finished or 2) resembling the English language. Thank you my saviour for beating this into submission. Also to lovinspike247 for general cheer leading and handholding.

In my defense Gabe does it all for love...

Part One...

Part Two...